ŽSR will purchase two new diagnostic vehicles using EUR 25 mill. from European funds

(Nov 15, 2014, amendment of the Official Journal of the European Union S221)

ŽSR has issued a tender for the supply of two diagnostic motor vehicles financed from European funds at an estimated price of EUR 25 mill. excluding VAT. One of the vehicles should serve for measuring geometric parameters of tracks, conditions of tracks and superstructure components, throughput, complex measuring of traction lines and provision of information and security technologies at required maximum speed of 160 km/h. The second vehicle (defectoscopic wagon) should provide continuous defectoscopic monitoring of tracks and railroad switches by combining non-destructive testing methods at maximum speed of 70 km/h. During transport or behind a traction vehicle, its maximum speed should be 140 km/h. Procurement shall be done in two stages. ŽSR will first purchase both vehicles and then the first vehicle will be rebuilt into a self-propelled vehicle of independent traction.

The total supply will be spread over 30 months and co-financed in two program periods of European funds – from OPT and OPII. Tender documentation may be requested until 30 December 2014 and the same date applies for submission of offers.