Freight transporter Cargo achieved profits of EUR 4 million in nine months

This year, railway company Cargo Slovakia made profits of EUR 4 million in nine months. However, this result does not reflect final accounts operations that will be accounted for in December, says Martin Halanda, spokesperson of the company. Such operations include adjustments to assets or reserves, which will significantly influence final results of this year. “Developments so far have shown that it can be expected that ZSSK Cargo will finish this year with better economic results than previously planned,” assumes Halanda. He believes that main factors are costs significantly lower and revenues slightly higher than planned. Costs were saved mainly due to lower prices and lower consumption of electricity and diesel oil. Further savings were registered in railway transport fees by non-fulfilment of the plan of train kilometres and improved use of trains. At the same time, operating revenues during the first nine months of 2014 exceeded the plan by EUR 1.5 million. The company believes that this is due to higher revenues from freight wagon activities and favourable balance from selling assets and material.

source:, TASR